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Make use of our expertise in software development, chromatography and mass spectrometry.

If you need service & support for your OpenChrom® Enterprise Edition or want to pose a request regarding the Community Edition, please contact us. Other services we can offer include plug-in development, prototyping of data analysis workflows, workshops, tutorials and consultancy.

Plug-in Development

In case you are otherwise content with the software you currently utilize for your data evaluation, but are missing some highly desirable features, we may be able to help. On request we can either develop plug-ins on the basis of OpenChrom® or separate software tools to perform the desired task. This may be, for example, a customization of the default reports provided by the software in use or a separate data format converter. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.


On many occasions none of the available or affordable software tools on the market are able to perform the complete desired workflow of data analysis, particularly if the evaluation approach is non-standard. We offer to scrutinize these workflows and assess whether, and to what extent, the data analysis may be automated by appropriate algorithms. This prototyping stage may be the essential step prior to implementating customized features into OpenChrom®. Our expertise in the analysis of chromatographic and mass spectrometric data also includes common chemometric approaches.

Workshops, Tutorials & Consultancy

The capabilities of our software OpenChrom® increases with the continuous implementation of new features. Hence, you may not be aware of the full potential of OpenChrom®. If you have considered, or already use, OpenChrom® for the processing of your analytical data, we can offer support services including workshops, videotutorials, screencasts or skype-conferences. These services would be tailored to your specific needs and interests.
Furthermore, we offer consultancy services particularly in the fields of pyrolysis and thermodesorption coupled with gas chromatography (GC). Due to our extensive expertise in these GC and GC/MS techniques, we may be able to aid you in your decision to invest in these techniques for your analytical objectives. Feel free to contact us for details.