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Enterprise Edition

The solution for a professional environment and a seamless workflow

Key Benefits

If you are considering using OpenChrom® for the analysis of chromatographic or mass spectrometric data, keep several benefits in mind. In contrast to proprietary software, you invest your available funds in customization and service, since OpenChrom® itself is open source and free. The OpenChrom® Enterprise Edition bundles the full functionality of the software tool including all plug-ins. Support services are provided on all OpenChrom® features through a commercial agreement. On request, the Enterprise Edition can be customized and extended by additional functionalities. And for your convenience we may implement interfaces to third-party applications and tools. It is worth mentioning that OpenChrom® runs on all of the common operating systems and is vendor independent supporting many file formats natively.

Quality & Auditability

With closed proprietary software you are dependent on the vendor in several regards. You rely on nothing but the vendor's claims that the software complies with the required quality and security standards. And if the vendor decides to withdraw the software from the market, the support may cease and you could be left out in the rain. Open source software allows you to thoroughly audit the software and ensure that the quality meets your expectations. Because the code is open to public scrutiny, any bugs, security issues and deficient algorithms are much more likely to be discovered and fixed than in the case of closed software solutions.
„In general, open source software gets closest to what users want because those users can have a hand in making it so. It's not a matter of the vendor giving users what it thinks they want--users and developers make what they want, and they make it well. At least one recent study has shown, in fact, that technical superiority is typically the primary reason enterprises choose open source software.“

Tailor-made Solutions

Unlike most closed proprietary software, open source software offers you the opportunity to get the software customized or even customize it yourself. You are granted high flexibility and freedom to get the software tailored to your needs. As there is now a vast number of high-quality open source software tools available it may even be useful to combine some of these with OpenChrom® to optimize your analysis workflows. OpenChrom® is highly modular and can be interfaced to other software solutions with minimal effort. If you are interested in a custom-made Enterprise Edition of OpenChrom®, please do not hesitate to forward your request.

Try Before You Buy

Has it happened in your company that a proprietary software was bought which turned out to be insufficient or unsatisfactory for the scheduled analytical tasks? It does not cost you anything to try out the OpenChrom® Community Edition. There is no time-limit for the testing period. You can thoroughly evaluate whether, or which, customization is necessary to gain your desired functionalities. When you decide to choose a tailor-made Enterprise Edition of OpenChrom® you will not be disappointed.