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Community Edition

OpenChrom® Community Edition is a free, extendable and easy-to-use software tool for chromatographic and mass spectrometric data analysis.

Ever-growing Functionality

The open source tool OpenChrom® is based on the Eclipse rich-client platform (RCP). The architecture of the software is designed for high modularity and flexibility - a perfect prerequisite for the implementation of additional functionalities to suit the needs of the users. With the self-set target of two new releases each year we aim to meet the requests of users for additional features. In addition to the OpenChrom® software platform a multitude of plug-ins are made available including the much demanded data format converters. Most plug-ins are free to use. (Available plug-ins)


To provide a free but also useful tool for the community, the growing functionality of the software has to be accompanied by a steadily expanded documentation. The installed Wiki allows users to share their elaborated workflows with the community. In addition, video tutorials and technical blogs are made available to reduce the barrier of „getting started“. It may still happen that you run into problems on using OpenChrom® Community Edition. In this instance, please feel free to contact us with your request. If you want to get involved as a developer of new plug-ins we will certainly assist you and guarantee to publish your plug-in under an open source licence.

Students & Universities

The OpenChrom® Community Edition specifically suits the needs of students and University personnel dealing with chromatography or mass spectrometry. Open source software allows users to perform data analysis at home or in the office without acquiring additional software licences. Furthermore, research activities cover a broad spectrum and demand for flexible and extendable software tools to solve the tasks. Newly developed, promising data-processing algorithms or visualization approaches can be implemented and made available for the community. We are open to collaboration and assistance to facilitate such implementations. Do not hesitate to contact us.